Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Online Debate on Origin of Elung Paul Che

Came across this debate on Facebook, about the new Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Finance, Elung Paul Che.

Someone on the forum, Cameroon Pidgin Linguists, asked if Meta people from the North West, have any reason to celebrate, just like the Bakossin people of the South West, over the appointment of Minister Elung Paul Che. His father hails from the South West, his mother from the North West.
The post has generated a series of reactions.
Here are some of them...

Friday, 2 October 2015

Cameroon Basketball Lionesses Sail Through to Afrobasket Finals

                   Photo credit:

Cameroon's Basketball Lionesses will play the FIBA Afrobasket 2015 finals tomorrow Saturday October 03, 2015 at 6pm.
The Cameroon female basketball team just defeated the Nigerian team 71-70. 

Their opponent for tomorrow's game will be known after the Senegal vs Angola match to take place at 9.15pm (GMT+1).
Nigeria will play the 3rd place match tomorrow at 3.30pm against the team that loses tonight.


President Biya Reshuffles Cabinet

The long-awaited cabinet reshuffle is here. This Friday, October 02, 2015, the Head of State has changed some members of cabinet. The Prime Minister,  maintains his post as Head of Government. Some new names have come in, Justice Rose Fomundam, former Cameroon Ambassador to France, Lejeune Mbella Mbella, several have been kicked out, namely, Bakang Mbock of Social Affairs, Robert Nkili of Transport, Moukoko Mbonjo of External Relations (is he back from the mission he led to the UN General Assembly?).

Here are the new Ministers

Friday, 25 September 2015

21 Cameroonians Confirmed Dead in Hadj Stampede

21 Cameroonians are among the casualties at the deadliest Hadj stampede in 25 years.
The Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation, and Chairman of the National Hadj Commission, Rene Emmanuel Sadi, confirmed the number of Cameroonian pilgrims who died in Mecca during Thursday's stampede, in a press release this evening, Friday September 25, 2015.
The release adds that dozens more were injured.
200 hundred Cameroonians had been unaccounted for, 123 have been found while 77 are still missing.
Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi says that Government is taking the necessary measures to provide assistance to the victims. He also conveys the condolences of the Head of State to the bereaved families.

Death Toll in Hadj Stampede Rises, Cameroonians Feared Among TheDead

The death toll in Thursday's stampede in Mecca has risen to over 750. The huge stampede injured hundreds more at the hajj in Saudi Arabia on Thursday September 24, 2015, in one of the worst-ever tragedies at the annual Muslim pilgrimage.

Some online reports state that as many as ten Cameroonians are among the dead,

Friday, 18 September 2015

Lab'l Shuts Down Death Rumours

The beautiful and talented artist has reassured her Facebook fans that she is alive and well.
This, after rumours circulated recently that Lab'l was poisoned and in a coma at the National Social Insurance Hospital, CNPS Yaounde. 
Some rumours even attested that the "Ma ve wa gan" crooner had died.
In a Facebook post on Wednesday September 16, 2015, Lab'l thanked fans for their prayers, and reassured them that she was ok, and had only suffered a minor health concern. She promised to resume work soonest, adding that the above photo was taken during the making of her new music video to be out soon.

Burkina Faso Coup Leaders Release Ousted "President"

Burkina Faso coup leaders say they have freed interim President, Michel Kafando, and that he is in good health. 
The country's Prime Minister, Isaac Zida, however is still being detained. He was placed under house arrest when presidential guards burst into a cabinet meeting on Wednesday.
The African Union has taken a tough stand by suspending Burkina Faso and threatening sanctions if the junta does not release all interim political figures.
Many countries have condemned the coup d'état, including the US and France.
The junta have indicated their preparedness to dialogue. Benin's President Yayi Boni and another West African leader, are already in Burkina Faso, for mediation.

    Ethiopian Airlines To Start Flights From Yaounde in October

    Apologies for the long silence

    From October 25, 2015, you can fly from Yaounde to several destinations, via Ethiopian Airlines. The airline has announced that it is ready to start four weekly flights to Yaounde. Prior to now, Ethiopian flights were available only from the economic capital, Douala. The airline CEO, Ato Tewolde Gebremariam promises "faster and efficient connectivity".

    Tuesday, 8 September 2015

    Camair-co Satisfies Disgruntled Passengers, Provides Two AirBuses ForEurope-Bound Flights

    Close to 300 Camair-co passengers who went on the rampage yesterday Monday September 07, 2015, have been put on two Paris-bound flights. They will arrive France this evening Tuesday

    Monday, 7 September 2015

    Angry Passengers Burnt Tyres And Not The Camair-co Office in Yaounde

    Contrary to online reports that the Camair-co Head Office in Yaounde was set ablaze this morning by angry passengers, this was definitely not the case. The passengers burnt tyres.
    What you see in the picture are burning tyres. 

    Newly Wedded Couple Crushed to Death By Container in Douala

               Photo credit:

    The fatal accident took place along the Logpom / Logbesu road in Douala, on Saturday September 05, 2015.
    The truck pictured above was driving uphill, when one of its tyres got into a pothole. An eyewitness, Serge Kemdou, a bike rider who was behind the truck, says the container it was carrying instantly fell off and crushed a pickup which was descending the hill in the opposite direction. Inside the pickup, were a man and his wife, who got married just nine months ago, in December 2014. 
    The man, whose only name was gotten as Simplice, was a Yaounde-based business man,mwho recently had rented a bigger apartment in Douala, to join his wife who lived there.
    What a tragedy!

    Eh Eh! Na Weti Dis

    Na Poto Poto or na potable water dis? Eh eh?
    Facebook user, Tata Nelson Berinyuy shared this pic on his page.

    Really hope the colour of this water is the result of ongoing work on sites where the pipes are passing through.

    New School Year Begins With Heightened Security

    The 2015/2016 School Year has kicked off nationwide, with the most remarkable aspect being the presence of law enforcement officers deployed to junctions leading to schools and outside school campuses. Most schools have also taken precautionary security measures which include the use of metal detectors at school gates.

    Saturday, 5 September 2015

    See State of Taxi Involved in Accident With Truck in Etougebe

    Photo credit: Kilian Ndah Ndifon

    The taxi pictured above was crushed by a truck at the Etougebe neighborhood in Yaounde this morning Saturday August 05, 2015.

    Thankfully, no lives were lost.
    The brakes of the heavy duty truck failed as it was descending a hill. It hurtled the taxi, and mangled it. A car mechanic is also reported to have escaped unhurt after the truck hit the car he was working on.
    God be praised that no lives were lost.
    Aren't these trucks banned from moving within the towns during the day ?

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    Thursday, 3 September 2015

    19 Killed in Double Bomb Attacks in Kerawa Far North


    At least 19 people have been killed and 140 others injured in two bomb attacks in Kerawa, Far North Region. The first blast occurred at 9am Thursday September 03, 2015 in the Kerawa market, the second took place minutes after, near a Military Infantry Camp (BIR). 
    Reuters reports that a local government official says the attacks were carried out by female suicide bombers.  

    Tuesday, 1 September 2015

    Motor Bike Accident Leaves One Dead in Ebolowa

                       Photo credit: Oswald Medoung

    One person has died and three others seriously injured, after a heavy duty truck crushed a motor bike this Tuesday evening, September 01,2015,  in Nkoovos, commercial neighbourhood in the South regional capital of Ebolowa. 
    The bike was transporting four persons.

    Guardian Post Journalist Found Dead in Home in Yaounde

                                          Ezieh Sylvanus

    The young journalist, Ezieh Sylvanus in his late 20's and Desk Editor at the renowned newspaper, the Guardian Post, was found dead in his bathroom, Monday night at 10pm in his Chapel Obili, one-room apartment.

    Monday, 31 August 2015

    List of Civil Servants Invited By Minister of Public Service to ClarifyTheir Administrative Status

    As you must be aware, the minister of Public and Administrative Reform, has published a list of 10,000 civil servants last August 19, 2015. These civil servants are now expected to go to the Human Resource Departments of their ministries of origin, with documents clarifying their administrative status. The initial deadline of August 27, 2015, was extended by one week.
    Consult the list HERE

    See Six-Legged Goat Born in Kenya

    Isn't this unbelievable ? A goat with six legs was born in Kenya recently. The kid has two legs in front and four behind. 
    The owner of the goat in Muzuwerani Kwa Ndomo, Kilishi County, says 

    "The goat has given birth twice before to normal twins. However, when it came to the third delivery, I was shocked to see the kid having six legs and the reproductive organ located beneath the legs.It uses the same organ to pass both urine and excrement." 
    More pics after the cut...

    Wednesday, 26 August 2015

    Huh! Roadside Meat Can Cause Abortions?

    That's what this feature story by Cameroon Tribune on road side meat in Bamenda, is claiming oh.